John M. Hare
Software Engineer
    Austin, TX

Professional experience in design and development of operating systems software and web sites.
Full Life cycle development experience in analysis, design, development, test and implementing E-commerce
and Client Server applications in multi-site team development using Agile, Jira. Good experience in Ruby, C#,
Python, PHP, PERL, JAVA, JDBC, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, GO, UEFI BIOS, Diagnostics, DB/2, LDAP,
HTTP, SNMP, SNMP4J, JSON, XML, REST, DNS, NFS, SSH, Samba, NTP, Etcd, Sinatra, Apache, CUDA,
TensorFlow, Unix, scripting, web user interface development, data structures, back-end server development,
cross browser development. C, C++ development experience on Windows XP, 7, 10, Linux, Unix, Mac OSX
and other OS platforms. Developed SOA solutions using JSON, SOAP, XML and RESTful apis. Developed
C and C++ using g++ and MS Visual Studio to build libraries and standalone applications. Worked on the
development of a Windows video device driver using C. Developed KMDF for multi-core RDMSR
thermal measurements. Embedded development on ARM-M0, ARM9, ARM Cortex-A57 64bit, ATOM SOC.
Have used VS and Keil IDEs to write and debug validation code, together with USB protocol analyzers,
Display controllers, Communication Peripherals, Power Sequencers, Power Measurements,
Digital Oscilloscopes, Protocol analyzers, Logic analyzers, performed FPGA and HW debug in
multiple Post silicon validation of Android based devices. Performed Power management testing
of power sequencing and reset sequencing. Developed automated I/O test systems using GPIO, GPIB,
Serial, and Ethernet Modbus. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.


Nova Southeastern University

Bowling Green State University



Operating Systems:
Windows: XP, Vista, PE, RE, 7, 10, Windows Mobile
Linux: RTEMS, RTOS, Ubuntu, Linaro, RedHat, CentOS, Gentoo, KNOPPIX
Unix: Mac OSX, Solaris 9, HP-UX 11, AIX
Other: ESXi, Android, RIM, PalmOS, Symbian, Brew, VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox, OS/2, DOS, MVS, TSO, z-OS
Hardware: ARM-M0, ARM Cortex-A57 64bit, ARM9, ATOM, Pandaboard ES, Raspberry PI, Arduino, NAS, Odroid, Phoenix,BIOS, Intel x86,I5,I7,I9, AMD Ryzen Threadripper, Motorola(68000,6800), Sun Sparc, HPUX PA-RISC, IBM RS6000,z-Series, Rabbit3000, BDE2000, PICOScope, Oscilloscopes, JTAG debuggers(Segger), logic analyzers, WASP 3900, AcroMag 989EN-4C16 Ethernet Modbus, DCS-900W, DCS-5300W, GPIB, Magma
Smartphone: Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, BREW, Windows Mobile
Middleware: CUDA, TensorFlow, RabbitMQ, Nagios, Hardcat, MONIT, LDAP, Apache, Websphere, Servlets, cgi-bin, HTTP, SNMP, SNMP4J, SMTP, SCCM, MDT, SMB, DNS, NFS, SSH, Samba, NTP, Etcd, Sinatra, MDT, Winsock2, J2EE, JSP, JMS, EJB, MQ Series, MQSI, JDBC, ODBC, JNDI, JNI, Swing
Databases: SQL, T-SQL, DB/2, MySQL, PostGres, Ingres
Scripting: Javascript, Tcsh, CSH, BSH, BASH, KSH, VBS, BAT, HTML, Frontpage
Programming Languages: Perl, C, C++, C#, Ruby, GO, Python, JAVA, VBA, PHP, MinGw-g++, Cygwin-gcc, COBOL, Fortran, APL, BASIC, MASM(ARM(ARM, Thumb), x86(Intel,MS,Borland,gcc,g++), Rabbit, M6800, M68000, Series/1, 601, BAL)
IDE: VS 2013,2015,2017, .NET, PyCharm, Keil, Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Eclipse, Borland C++ Builder, Bloodshed, Dynamic C, Nvu
Applications: Nero, SureThing, WinISO, Attachmate, Robohelp, MS Project, Acrobat, Access, Dreamweaver, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Crystal Reports
Test tools: Jenkins, Snowflake, snowsql, RMS, APEX, WinDbg, kgdb, AutoIT, Struts, SoftICE-w
Build tools: Ant, Make, TeamCity
Project Mgmt: Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence, PTM, PTDS, Redmine, ApTest
Soft Rev Ctrl: SVN, CVS, PVCS, TortoiseSVN, GIT, Github, GitKraken, CMVC, SCCS, PTAR


Patent Filing: Netscape Communicator 4.04 for OS/2 Win16 plugin architecture.
Patent submission: Method for abstracting the BLDLEVEL from a MAKE created exe.
Patent submission: Method for bi-directional air flow manipulation using infrared thermostats.
Patent submission: Method for automated restarting of cable/DSL modems using Ethernet power
Publication: OS/2 WARP Uncensored - Chapter 16 by Peter G. Magid, Ira H. Schneider,
ISBN: 1568844743
Referenced in publication: Dvorak's Guide to OS/2 2.1 by John Dvorak,
ISBN: 067974648X
Referenced in publication: Undocumented DOS 2nd Edition by Andrew Schulman,
ISBN: 020163287X
Referenced in publication: OS/2 Warp Generation, Volume 1: OS/2 Warp Version 3,
OS/2 Warp with WIN-OS/2 OS/2 Warp Connect and BonusPak,
IBM Document Number: SG24-4552-00


10/22 - 06/23 Zdata/Atos/EVIDEN, Newark, DE, Bezons, FR

Title: Solutions Architect III with Siri InfoSolutions Inc.

04/22 - 09/22 Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

Title: Contract Software Engineer with TEKsystems

04/21 - 03/22 Dell, Round Rock, TX

Title: Contract Senior Principal Software Engineer IT with NTTDATA

08/20 - 04/21 Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX

Title: Contract Software Engineer with Symbioun

11/18 - 06/20 L3Harris Corporation, Palm Bay, FL

Title: Contract Lead Software Engineer with Yochana, HCL, VOLT

12/17 - 01/18 Vorago, Austin, TX

Title: Contract MCU Applications Engineer with Luna Data Solutions

05/17 - 11/17 Quantum Liquid Cooling, Ottawa, Ontario, CN

Title: Contract Firmware Engineer with CTG

08/16 - 01/17 Pivot3, Austin, TX

Title: Senior Software Engineer

02/14 - 01/16 3M, Austin, TX

Title: Contract Firmware/Software Engineer with Esolvit

04/13 - 09/13 Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Engineer with Volt Technical Resources
10/11 - 04/13 Intel, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Firmware/Software Engineer with Volt Technical Resources
04/11 - 10/11 Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Engineer with Volt Technical Resources


02/11 - 04/11 Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Developer with Volt Technical Resources
06/10 - 02/11 Dell, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Software Analyst with Manpower Professional
05/10 - 06/10 Alchemy Systems LP, Austin, TX
  Title: Software Consultant
12/08 - present Pro Bono
  Title: Software Consultant
05/09 - 12/09 Alchemy Systems LP, Austin, TX
  Title: Software Consultant
11/06 - 12/08 Ultra Electronics-ATS, Austin, TX
  Title: Software Engineer III
01/06 - 09/06 International Business Machines Corp, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract AIX Level 3 Technical Specialist with CTG
06/05 - 01/06 TQI Systems Corp, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract Systems Consultant
01/05 - 02/05 Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, TX
  Title: Contract BIOS Consultant with ConnectTel
07/04 - 01/05 Rocket Software, Inc., Austin, TX
  Title: Software Developer
07/81 - 07/04 International Business Machines Corp, Austin, TX, Boca Raton, FL
  Title: Staff Software Engineer
06/79 - 06/81 Champion International Corp, Hamilton, OH
  Title: Programmer/Analyst
09/79 - 05/80 Southern Ohio College, Fairfield, OH
  Title: Adjunct IT Professor
06/78 - 12/78 Management Decisions Development Corp., Fairfield, OH
  Title: Programmer
09/78 - 06/79 Academic Computer Services, BGSU Bowling Green, OH
  Title: Computer Consultant
09/77 - 06/79 Student Support Services CS Tutor, BGSU, Bowling Green, OH
  Title: CS Tutor

Professional Affiliations:

NVIDIA Developer Program

DMTF Redfish Developer (DMTF)

IEEE Computer Society (IEEE)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

Agile Austin

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface(UEFI)




Apple iPhone Developer Program

Intel Software Partner - Registered Partner

Android Developer

RTEMS Support Specialist

Seagate Partner Program (SPP)


Awards, Achievements or special recognition:


Award type

Award Description


Informal (quality)

Systems Assurance THRM System


Informal (minor)

OS/2 1.0 Spooler



OS/2 1.0 Toolkit team


Informal (minor)

OS/2 1.2 Mini-build



OS/2 2.0 Dos DCR 1329 and 1330


Informal (team)

OS/2 2.0 Dos and Win-OS/2


Informal (individual)

OS/2 2.0 Dos and Win-OS/2


Informal (individual)

OS/2 Genre Field Support


Informal (individual)

OS/2 2.0 Field Support



OS/2 for Windows


Informal (individual)

OS/2 DOS Settings


Informal (team)

OS/2 WARP NLV Support


Informal (team)

OS/2 WARP Team


Informal (team)

Informal Award - TEAM


Author Award

Initial Eligibility


Informal (individual)

Informal Award


Informal (individual)

Informal Award





Formal (individual)

Outstanding Technical Achievement Award


Informal (individual)

Informal award



Contributions to Netscape Communicator


Thanks Award

Contributions to WebSphere Crit-Sit resolution.


Thanks Award

Contributions to Volt Tech Resources School Supplies Drive.

Continuing Education Courses:

Date Course # Course Description Date Course # Course Description
01/15/82   IBM Tools Conference 05/17/82   Data Communications
06/15/82   Software Testing Institute 03/15/83   Intel 8085 Arch Class
11/05/84   Intel 8088/8086 Architecture Class 07/08/85   Programmer Engineering Workshop
03/07/88   OS/2 PM Programming Class 01/15/90   Windows and OS/2 Conference
03/05/90   MS Windows Program Class 09/10/90   Distributed Processing Class
05/14/92 MDQROL92 Assessment workshop 05/27/92 TNSROL92 The next steps
03/23/94 OBR2650M Assertiveness training 04/21/94 CN17450C Workplace shell programming
02/10/95   National Engineers Week 02/24/95   National Engineers Week
03/01/95 CP10850C PowerPC 601 System Architecture 03/06/95 CN17970C PowerPC Technology
03/17/95 CN17980C PowerPC 6xx Programming 08/01/95 AZNU098K Windows 95
10/04/96 N1980 OTU Java Programming 01/28/97 AZNU484K Advanced image manipulation
02/24/97   National Engineers Week 05/21/97 AZNU571K Using and Implementing common sense
06/23/97 LDT8205C Diversity Awareness 09/11/97 IAU3000C Perl Programming
09/23/97 IAU3110C Advanced Perl Programming 03/06/98 N2036 Advanced Java Programming
03/13/98   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival 09/25/98 IAUJS01C Introduction to JavaScript
11/18/98 AZNX117K TCP/IP Networking 12/04/98 N2067 Universal Serial Bus Architecture
02/10/99   National Engineers Week 03/12/99   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival
04/08/99 IAU3300C CGI Programming in Perl 05/17/99 IAUUCD1C Intro to User Cent Design
05/19/99 ZAU1033C Emerging Microarchitectures 11/12/99 G3740 TCP/IP architecture
12/08/99 ZAUSR05C Introduction to Career planning 02/10/00   National Engineers Week
03/17/00   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival 04/18/00 IAUXML1C Introduction to XML
06/16/00 IAUIN15C Mastering web site fund 09/25/00 AZNX516K Voice Over IP: IP Telephony
10/02/00 IAULX02C Linux Internals 10/14/00   AIR Austin
11/08/00 UCD01 Introduction to IBM UCD 02/01/01 LAUL2K0C Leadership Excellence – (LE)
02/05/01 LAU00TMC Time Management and Personal Productivity Workshop (LE) 02/12/01   National Engineers Week
02/16/01   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival 03/01/01 LAUECS0C Communications for Effective Collaboration (LE)
03/19/01 W9859 Rediscovering Individual Greatness 04/11/01 LAUAPC1C The Art of Productive Conflict – (LE)
04/30/01 LAUPSWKC Presentation Skills Workshop – (LE) 05/23/01 LAU4RLSC Four Roles of Leadership – (LE)
06/11/01 LAU1290C Out–of–the–Box Thinking – (LE) 06/28/01 LAU0560C Improving Your Negotiation Skills – (LE)
07/19/01 LAUAPLYC Learning to Apply – (LE) 07/19/01 LAUNGM0C Next Generation Mentoring – (LE)
08/06/01 21805 Project Management Orientation (PMTO) 08/27/01 LAU1830C How to Build a Championship Team – (LE)
09/14/01 LAU0TF1C "Leadership Excellence–Vision" - TeamFocus 09/28/01 QL133 Red Hat (R) Linux System Administration
10/29/01 QL253 Red Hat (R) Linux Networking and Security Administration 11/02/01 QL302 RHCE (TM) Certification Lab Exam
11/12/01 P3206 e–business: Designing Integration Solutions 02/08/02   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival
03/12/02   National Engineers Week 03/15/02   ExxonMobil Texas State Science & Engineering Fair
06/10/02 HAU05EBC Advanced Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) using WebSphere and VisualAge–Part I 06/17/02 HAU06EBC Advanced Enterprise JavaBeans – Part II (EJB 2.0)
01/16/03   "The Customer(R) Program" by Ron Willingham. 01/27/03 B3106 e–business: Technology Workshop
02/07/03   Austin Energy Regional Science Festival 02/10/03 BE0020XS AIX 5L V5.1/5.2 Install, Migration& Recovery: Problem Determination
03/04/03 WN113 Linux Administration Part 2: Hardware and Programming 03/14/03   National Engineers Week
03/24/03 AU0120XS Advanced WebSphere(Advanced Edition) Systems Administration 04/21/03 AUOO00SE Object–Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML/Rational Rose
05/19/03 AUOO01SE Advanced Object–Oriented Analysis and Design w/Rational Rose 06/16/03 AU0160XS Introduction to ClearCase
03/10/04   National Engineers Week 07/15/05   Atmel ARM9 conference
09/28/05   Trade Show 03/09/07   National Engineers Week
03/14/07   ADSI training course 10/24/07   Military Information Assurance Workshop
10/25/07   Military Information Assurance Conference 11/13/07   TCP/IP Fundamentals
02/13/08   Product Development Using Scrum 04/25/08   National Engineers Week – Gave out 30 copies of the book "You can be a woman engineer"
05/16/08   National Engineers Week - Presented at Claude Berkman Elementary career day. 09/03/08 IFC.08–06.AUS 080608–IFC University of Phoenix – Integrated Faculty Certification – Graduate
03/27/09   National Engineers Week – Travis HS "Real World Connections" Speaker. 03/23/10 USB Under the Hood Web Seminar
04/20/11   National Engineers Week – Cedar Park HS College Conference - Engineering Speaker 10/04/11 10001743 Annual Required Training Questionnaire,(WBT)
10/04/11 10001743 Annual Required Training Questionnaire,(WBT) 10/05/11 00019189 BASIC ELECTRICAL SAFETY 1.0,(WBT)
10/05/11 00021863 HAZCOM Basics 1.0, (WBT) 10/05/11 00001538 Lab Safety 1.0, (WBT)
10/05/11 00016464 Ladder Safety 1.0, (WBT) 10/17/11 00015623 RMF/BARRICADE SAFETY 1.0, (WBT)
03/09/12 10002466 2012 Code of Conduct Training 4.0, (WBT) 04/30/12 10001743 Annual Required Training Questionnaire, (WBT)
04/25/13   National Engineers Week – Gave out 40 copies of the book "You can be a woman engineer" 04/11/18   Mentor Web Seminar: Selecting an Embedded Operating System
02/05/20   ESD & Hardware Handling – Initial – L3Harris 04/06/22   2022 Enterprise Safety and Security USEMEALATAM FAV
04/06/22   2021 Information Security Monitory Notice (ISMN) 04/07/22   2022 Enterprise Financial Crimes FAV
04/14/22   Accessibility guidelines for web conferencing 04/20/22   Technology End of Life Training
04/20/22   2022 Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Full Version FAV 04/21/22   2021 Information Wall GTO
04/21/22   2022 Business Continuity Awareness FAV 04/21/22   2022 Enterprise Privacy Principles FAV
04/22/22   2022 Enterprise Cyber Security and Information Protection FAV 04/25/22   2021 Risk Framework Full Version
04/25/22   2022 Conduct Expectations for Contractors FAV